Parts and Subdivisions of the Yoni

Alley - slang for vagina
Alembic - Lat., alchemist's code for the uterus

Bell - African American slang for the female clitoris, used since the 1940th
Boy in the Boat - female clitoris (lesbian slang)

Fleece - 18th ct. England, pubic hair

Golden Tongue - Chin., female clitoris

hoju - Jap. word for the female clitoris

Kohelepelepe - Polynesian (Hawaii): inner lips, labia minora (see myth)
kumil - Tamil, bubble, knob, stud; the female clitoris

Muff - 17th ct. England, pubic hair

Nether Lips - 19th ct. England, labia

Tongue - Arabic, female clitoris
Two leafed Book - Renaissance, the labia

yonimani - Skt., vulva jewel; the female clitoris