Tokudashi: An Eye-Witness Report

The girls shuffle over to the edge of the stage, crouch and, leaning back as far as they can, slowly open their legs just a few inches from the flushed faces in the front row.

The audience ... leans forward to get a better view of this mesmerizing sight, this magical organ, revealed in all its mysterious glory.

The women ... slowly move around, crablike, from person to person, softly encouraging the spectators to take a closer look.

To aid the men in their explorations, they hand out magnifying glasses and small hand-torches, which pass from hand to hand.

All the attention is focused on that one spot of the female anatomy; instead of being the humiliated objects of masculine desire, these women seem in complete control, like matriarchal goddesses.

Ian Buruma. Behind the Mask. New American Library, 1984.
Chapter 1, page 12