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Yoni Displays

In myths and sacred art from various cultural backgrounds, we find several goddesses (and women) who publically display their yoni.

It is a cross-cultural phenomenon which today would be called female exhibitionism or indecent exposure; negative judgments grown in societies built on shame - societies who have lost their roots as well as the knowledge that the body should be regarded as a temple, and that sexuality can be sacred.

There are three series of related images here (item 4. being mainly text):

  1. the Greek Baubo and her life-affirming gesture called ana-suromai (Gr., skirt-raising)

  2. the Sheela-na-gig and her various cross-cultural equivalents, among which the Indian goddess Lajia Gauri

  3. Tibetan deities, dakinis, yoginis and living adepts who openly display their womb-door or lower gate, usually shaven and sometimes slightly open

  4. The goddess Ama-no-Uzume and the Japanese Kagura - a mythical striptease that developed into the contemporary Tokudashi
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