The Yoni in Art


It's easily said, The Yoni in Art, but we are fortunate enough to have so many images fitting this description that we had to split the available material into different galleries: sculpture, paintings and drawings, and photography.

These are choices emerging from the items we have, and we normally do not necessarily classify art this way. The need was there - navigation wise - to have separate galleries, and this is what we've ended up with; at least for now.

  1. Sculpture. This section includes traditional sculpture, but also other items such as jewelry. As long as something is 3-dimensional, it is in here, and the items range from tribal pendant to contemporary art.
  2. Painting. More drawings on paper than paintings on canvas. Which ever, these are items that hang in museums, are in private collections, and/or have been printed in books.
  3. Photography. Many contributions from others and, naturally, some of our own. Honest photographs of the yoni in both color and Black-and-White.