Ritual Cunnilingus

according to the late medieval, Tamil Kamapanacastiram (Treatise on the Arrow of Lust). An excerpt from Prof. Zvelebil's most interesting book entitled The Siddha Quest for Immortality.


First Stage

Like a cow which licks tenderly its calf
spread out your tongue broad
and lick her yoni
lapping up the juices oozing out
like a thirsty dog which laps cool water.

Second stage

Like a worshipper who circumambulates the shrine
pass your tongue over her yoni
round around from left to right,
moving in ever narrowing circles
till you reach the very centre.
Her yoni will open up
like a dark and gaping chasm.
Open then the vulva's lips
with firm pressure of your tongue
an insert its stiff tip inside
like a spear's powerful thrust,
digging, poking deep and far.

Third stage

With your nose pressing against the yonimani
your tongue enters her innermost shrine
thrusting and digging and poking deep,
searching for hidden treasures inside.
Inhale deeply, breathing in the mellow odours
of the juices of her yoni.

Fourth stage

Take the protruding, throbbing jewel of her yoni
gently, gently between your teeth and tongue,
suck it like a suckling feeding at the breast;
it will rise and glisten, stand up from its sheath.
It will swell like a large ruby.
The fragrant copious discharge
appearing like sweet foam
between the lips of the vulva
is a rejuvenating drink
when mixed with your milk-white,
lustrous, thick and fragrant sperm.

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