Vitalize your Brain

Relax head, shoulders, and jaw - and simply look at the image.
Let it do the magic it's supposed to do.


Ancient Taoist talisman designed to vitalize the brain.
From the Tao-tsang; Section 2: The Cave of Mysteries; Wieger index number 543-41:22b.

The Tao-tsang, also known as Taoist Canon, is the largest collection of Taoist sacred, philosophical, magical and alchemical texts. It contains texts and images from both major branches of Taoism: Tao-chia (the so-called philosophical and mystical branch) and Tao-chiao (the so-called religious, alchemical branch).

Many works of the canon date back to the 3rd/5th century, and it was first printed in 1190. However, It was only in 1926 that the one and only extant edition, in a Peking monastery, was made accessible to Western scholars. The work is as yet not completely translated.

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If you save and use the image, in your "wallpaper" for example, make sure that it remains red on white! The ancient text demands that for the magic to work.