Five Elemental Yonis

The five types are descriptions and classifications of the yoni as they are used among the Japanese Tachikawa, a tantric school that florisched between the 12th and 17th century.

Although such association is apparently lacking in the five types of male genitals, the different yonis are each associated with one of the five elements of the Indian tradition: earth, water, fire, air and space:

  1. Daikoku the dark earth yoni, one which envelopes the lingam and holds it
  2. Mizu-Tembo the moist water yoni, with a small opening and a wide interior
  3. Ka-Tembo the hairy fire yoni, ever sweet-tasting and insatiable
  4. Fu-Tembo the soft wind yoni, also called the Flying Dragon, because someone who enters this silken tunnel feels as if flying in heaven
  5. Bon-Tembo the celestial yoni, most beautiful and fragrant; also known as Dragon's Pearl. The tight opening and narrow passage lead to a pearl-like womb, and anyone fortunate enough to enter such a yoni is said to cry out in ecstasy