Five Types of Lingam

According to Tachikawa teachings, there are the following types of male genitals, known in Sanskrit as lingam:

  1. Kongoyasha the listless lingam lacking both drive and staying power, in need of special ritual treatment to improve performance
  2. Daiitoku Myo-o the giant, long and thick lingam that can frighten some women; to be used with control and consideration
  3. Kundari Myo-o the long and vigorous kundalini lingam that is full of passion. Matched with the appropriate yoni, this one can drive a woman wild
  4. Gonzanze Myo-o the average size lingam that puts women at ease, has great staying power and can satisfy even the most demanding lady
  5. Fudo Myo-o the dark, thick and long king of lingams worshipped by women