Erotocomatose Lucidity

A state of consciousness achieved through complete physical and emotional exhaustion, brought about by inducing successive orgasms "by every known means", alternating with short periods of exhausted sleep.

A technique of ritual sexuality publicized by Aleister Crowley, although the term itself has been coined by Mrs. Ida Nelidoff, an initiate (9th degree) of the ‘Sovereign Sanctuary’ of the O.T.O.
Crowley used her formula, akin to what Austin Osman Spare called the ‘death posture’, in his secret enchiridion of the O.T.O., and also described it in De Arte Magica.

ECL, most likely adapted from Indo-Tibetan Tantra and Chinese Taoism, seems to have been practiced in the circles of the O.T.O. and affiliated secret societies (Argentum Astrum et al) as one of the techniques that are part of what is often called Sexual Magick.

The person about to be led into trance is brought to complete sexual exhaustion by the attentions and ministrations of one or more chosen and experienced attendants. The alternation of these two states is continued until the candidate is in a state which is neither sleep nor waking, and in which her or his spirit is set free.
[citations from Crowley’s De Arte Magica, An 10]

The lucidity (or transcendent awareness) reached this way is a state in which she or he is then able to experience separate realities. Perhaps this state of mind, independent from the techniques used to achieve it, can be compared to ‘the highest form of concentrated passionate energy’ known in Sanskrit as maharaga.

It is very likely that some Tantric rituals, such as the Yogini Chakra (2 women and 1 man), the Tibetan Zap-lam practice (1 woman and 2 men), and the Pancha Chakra (5 women and 1 man) were designed for achieving this very type of lucidity.