Cunt and Culture

Just a short introduction and then you may be off to read a most interesting dissertation elsewhere on the web.

I don't remember just how I found this, but I was certainly not searching for the word cunt. Even before I wrote my the book Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power, I've trained myself to always use yoni where others would say pussy or vulva or cunt - whatever. In the process, and especially after the book was out, almost everyone in my circle of friends or lovers began to use yoni as well ...

But back to cunt.
Matthew Hunt, someone I don't know, has written a most interesting and well researched cultural history of the word - of its use and abuse, of its appearance in art, literature, film.

At first I thought he missed telling us about the etymological root of the word, but then I discovered a whole page full of amazingly detailed material that traces the word to a variety of ancient and modern languages.

All in all, the essay is very good - although too long perhaps for people with a short attention span - a problem all serious writers face and one reason why the modern phenomena of blogs usually consists of short to tiny bits of text - sometimes only of images.

Mattew Hunt also gives considerable space to the idea of reclaiming cunt as a respected word of power.


So if you feel so inclined and have a lot of time and patience, click below
and read Cunt: A Cultural History