Tamil Wisdom

alkulil karikara lilai: simultaneous multiple stimulation of the yoni

Tamil is the major language spoken in the two most southern states of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as well as in parts of Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon). Because most Westerners know the term Tamil only as part of the expression Tamil Tigers (independence fighters to one group of people, terrorists to another one), both the language and the culture it represents (and has shaped) are more or less unknown in the West, except within a small circle of scientists pursuing studies such as linguistics, comparative religion and cultural anthropology.

One such person is Prof. Zvelebil, and - most fortunately - he is an honest translator who, unlike others in his profession, does not shy away from telling us about explicitly sexual aspects of life, ritual and religion. One of the most interesting Tamil terms, an outstanding example of its specialized sexual terminology, is the phrase alkulil karikara lilai.

Now someone who knows Sanskrit may immediately recognize the similarity of lilai with lila, and indeed - both words do refer to what we call play. The rest of this phrase, however, is equally obscure to most Indologists as it is to the general English speaker. In fact, the phrase refers to what can may be called simultaneous multiple stimulation of the yoni, a form of sexual play for which few languages - if any - know a term. In the Tamil phrase this is expressed as playing (lilai) with the yoni/vulva (alkulil) using fingers and tongue simultaneously (karikara).

This wonderful phrase shows just how poor our Western languages are when it comes to erotic or sexual play. Of course, we do have 'cunnilingus' (yoni play with lips and/or tongue) and we can say 'digital penetration' (with digital not referring to computers but fingers) or digital stimulation or 'finger-fucking' - but it doesn't come close to the beneficial and rewarding activity captured by alkulil karikara lilai.

Now if someone should know a term in any language that does express something similar - please let me know.