Aizen Myoo

Japanese Aizen myo-o

Name for one of several fierce looking Shingon deities who are nevertheless benevolent towards humanity. These myoo (deities) are usually male, but the the figure of Aizen sometimes takes on a female form. In both cases, male or female, Aizen rules the realm of love and lust, which is why he/she is equally venerated by heterosexuals, homosexuals, and prostitutes.

As a goddess, Aizen Myoo embodies the self-assured, untamed and sexually adventurous type of woman who is attracted to tantric partners, practices, and schools.

Among the Tachikawa, the goddess is described as being not confused by, nor afraid of, sexuality - and as being open to all the splendors of erotic play. Not surprisingly, the partners in Tachikawa rituals were instructed to perceive and visualize the woman as Aizen Myoo - the man as her counterpart known as Fudo Myoo.

This is essentially the same as when Indian Tantrics perceive each other as Shakti and Shiva; or Tibetans as Dakini and Daka (male).

However, the specific definition of not being confused or afraid shows that Japanese women apparently needed much encouragement in order to overcome their general education.