The Greater Yoniverse

Melissa Seaman: YoniSpeak

Mellissa channels the voice of Yoni for healing and clarity through articles, events, readings, and private sessions online:

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Susanne Golob (Hamburg, Germany) specializes in what she calls Rose Blossom Massage. On her site, you'll find places and dates where she either gives such a massage, or gives lectures and seminars about the value and technique of such Yoni Massages.

Yoni Massage

Also someone in Germany conceived of the YoniVerse, and this one is centered on a tantric practitioner with the fitting name Yoni. For tantric massages, lessons, rituals - visit this [German language] site {the lady lives in Berlin).

German Yoniverse

A beautiful project and an amazing vision (to build a temple to the Goddess and Her Yoni) can be found on the site of the Goddess Mound Experience.

Combining Yoni Art, Goddess Mythology and Feminist Symbolism, the Lady artist behind WomanSculpture has both strong images and wise words to offer.

And there's a Lady out there who discusses her very own, but also the yoni in general, at a site with the name All About My Vagina. Visit her site for discussions of taste, scent and other intimate matters.

Susun Weed, herbalist and author of several women's health books, invites you to rediscover the Wise Woman Tradition concerning menopause, herbal medicine healing, breast cancer, and much more.

And then there is, of course yOni, the Australian Mother of all Yoni WebSites with lots of information, art and photography.