The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Nagarkoth, Nepal

This is no computer aided trick image, but a real photograph we took in a tiny village in Nepal. Nagarkoth lies east of Kathmandu at a height of 2.200 meters, a place where one is above the clouds - literally - almost every morning. One day we hiked the surrounding valleys and mountains more or less aimlessly, and suddenly found this place at the very edge of a deep gorge.

The place is aptly named after the famous novel (1980) by Douglas Adams (1952-2001), because beyond this restaurant the world - as most of us know it - seems to end ... all that remains to be seen are clouds and the gigantic, ice covered mountains of the Himalaya. What better place than the End of the Universe as a Starting Point for the Yoniverse? You can begin a random voyage through the yoniverse by choosing one of these numbered doors:

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