Kumari Tantra

An anonymous, but certainly Kula affiliated work written around the year 1000. It has nine chapters and is to be noted mainly because it is one the few texts that openly speak of human sacrifice - at the time still regarded as a sometimes required ritual. The scripture recommends the blood of a human being - or of sheep, buffalo, cat or mouse - to be used in a puja dedicated to Kali; and it states quite explicitly that human sacrifice is the best.

The Kumari Tantra recommends, among other things, worship of the Goddess in a charnel-ground and describes the sacrifices to be made to the Great Goddess Kali. Such worship is said to be even more beneficial than whatever ritual performed in one of the goddess’ famous and sacred places of worship.

Another integral part of worship, according to this text, is the recital of mantras (chants) while meditating in fron tof a naked Kula-woman.

The Tantra also states, in chapters IV and V, that mithunam (sexual union) is indispensable for any devotee, and in chapter VI it specifies the nine types of women (navakanya) who may or should take part in such rituals.