Kubjikamata, Kubjika Tantra

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This text (9th or 10th cent.) of seventeen chapters is of Kula origin. The Kubjikamata is one of those scriptures that have given rise to the discussion whether or not Indian Tantra has been influenced by the import of certain techniques from Chinese Taoism. Chapter 16 for example, describes the worship of virgins and states this to be derived from Mahacina, the Indian name for ancient China.

Apart from this, the text describes the worship of and with one’s married partner; but generally the wotk is especially focused around worship of, and meditation on, virgin girls ranging in age from one to sixteen.

In chapter 7 great importance is attached to the Kula women, and the text states that women of any age, including prostitutes, must be saluted. Girls who are five to twelve years old are regarded as Kumari, and those between ten and sixteen should be looked upon as a goddess.
[Banerjee, S. C. A Brief History of Tantra Literature. Calcutta, 1988. p.222]

Chapter 16 describes specific and effective means of achieving rare success. In one of these, a girl of sixteen should be worshipped by visual, focused meditation on every part of her body, while repeating a mantra and without being influenced by passion. Especially great is the merit of such ritual if the girl is menstruating and the goddess is visualized as residing in her yoni.

A second type of ritual has been described as follows:
Another very effective means is to worship one’s own wife, who is initiated yet drunk, looking upon her as a goddess. The husband should repeat mantras 108 times after touching her heart with his heart, her vagina with his penis and her face with his face.
[Banerjee, S. C. A Brief History of Tantra Literature. Calcutta, 1988. p.223]

In the above-mentioned Mahacina mode of worship, a physical virgin, not yet menstruating and between the age of one and sixteen, is revered as a goddess. All girls have different names or titles indicating their age. A girl of one, for example, is called Sandhya, and Annada is the name for a young woman of sixteen. A complete list of these names can be found here: Kumari Puja.

The text also contains a lists naming 42 so-called pithas, places that are sacred to those who worhip the goddess.