Kaulavali Nirnaya Tantra

Sanskrit kulavaliyatantra

A text of twenty-two chapters attributed to the author and adept Jnanananda Paramahansa (16th-17th century). This Tantra is very sexually oriented, is full of respect for women and contains, among other things of course, a number of rules and mores concerning social ethics. Furthermore the text contains a strange condemnation of sexual union during the daytime and speaks in detail of various Tantric symbols and rituals; for example the Kumari Puja.

Of the five makara it is written in chapter IV that mithunam (sexual union) alone will lead the devotee to her or his desired goal. This Tantra of the Kula-school allows, with a few exceptions, promiscuous intercourse with married partners other than one’s own, saying that To the pure in heart, everything is pure.

Chapter IX states that sexual union is a sin only for the foolish, but that its joys will lead the wise to liberation.

The next chapter condemns a number of apparently often encountered features of social life of the time; such as rape, violence, slander. The text informs us clearly about the status and treatment of women among the Kula:

Respect and consideration for women mark the precepts. All women are to be looked upon as manifestations of the Great Mother. An offending woman should not be beaten even with flowers. A woman of any age, even a girl, or even an uncouth woman should be bidden farewell after salutation.

The remaining chapters are mainly concerned with how to achieve and recognize the various magical, paranormal abilities and skills known as siddhis.


Kaulavali Nirnaya Tantra. Edited by Sir John Woodroffe. Calcutta: Agamanusandhana Samiti, no year.