Gupta-Sadhana Tantra

Skt., guptasadhanatantra: Tantra of Secret Accomplishments
Skt., gupta: secret
Skt., sadhana: accomplishment, practice
India, ca. 1050

A small treatise of unknown authorship. Like the Yoni Tantra, it lists, with slight changes, the navakanya who are encouraged to take part in Tantric worship. Instead of mature women, the text gives preference to the beautiful daughters of good conduct, coming from the castes and professions mentioned in the Yoni Tantra as well.

The text, judging by the practices it recommends and advocates, is certainly of Vamacara (Left-Hand) origin, and it clearly states that initiation by a female preceptor is not only allowed but salutary and conducive to the attainment of all one desires. On the other hand, the text also makes clear that one should worship the lingam as well.

Chapter IV describes a shortcut or Royal Road, for men, towards the attainment of love and wealth, freedom from disease and the defeat of one's enemies. The description runs as follows:

One's own or another man's wife, who is initiated, free from hate and shame, is worshipped including the washing of her feet and recitation of mantras over the various parts of her body.

She is to be looked upon as the desired deity, and the devotee should imagine himself as the god Shiva. Then he should put betel-leaves into her mouth as well as into his own, and with her permission perform mithunam according to the rules. At the time of copulation, semen should be offered to the goddess Mahadevi.
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