A scripture, sacred text, or treatise concerning Tantric teachings and/or rituals

Sacred scriptures containing spiritual and psycho-physical teachings concerned with the transmutation of energy, liberation of the mind, attainment of (supernatural) skills and other more or less esoteric (secret) practices.

These texts form the base for what is generally known as Tantra in the sense of a spiritual tradition.

There is a number of both Hindu and Buddist Tantra's that have meanwhile been translated and published in Western languages. yet by far the most texts are still available only in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Bengali, Chinese or Japanese. The linked texts are further discussed in these pages.

Some of these texts do not have the name Tantra in their title, but they contain Tantric teachings nevertheless.

nameapprox. timeorientation
Mahavidya Tantra  300Oldest Hindu Tantra
Guhyasamaja Tantra  350Oldest Buddhist Tantra
Mahavairocana Tantra  650Buddhist
Chandamaharosana Tantra  700Buddhist
Prajnopaya-viniscaya Siddhi  700Buddhist
Chakrasamvara Tantra  750Buddhist
Hevajra Tantra  750Buddhist
Kalachakra Tantra  750Buddhist
Brahma Yamala  900Hindu
Jayadratha Yamala  900Hindu
Kaulajnana Nirnaya  900Hindu
Kubjikamata  900Hindu
Malinivijayottara Tantra  900Hindu
Netra Tantra  900Hindu
Tantrasadbhava  900Hindu
Kalivilasa Tantra  950Hindu
Kumari Tantra1000Hindu
Lakshmi Tantra1000Hindu
Mahamaya Tantra1000Buddhist
Niruttara Tantra1000Hindu
Nila Tantra1030Hindu
Vajrayogini Tantra1050Buddhist
Naro Chos-Drug1080Buddhist
Nigu Chos-Drug1090Buddhist
Mila Gnubum1100Buddhist
Gupta-Sadhana Tantra1100Hindu
Sutra of Secret Bliss1100Buddhist, Japanese
Jewel Ornament of Liberation1150Buddhist
Kalika Purana1150Hindu
Padma Kathang Sanglingma1175Buddhist, Dzogchen
Kurukulla Tantra?Buddhist
Mahakala Tantra?Buddhist
Manjushri Mula Tantra?Buddhist
Samvarodaya Tantra?Buddhist
Seventeen Mannagde Tantras?Buddhist, Dzogchen
Vajrapatala Tantra?Buddhist
Mahachinacara Tantra?Mixed - Hindu & Buddhist
Tantraraja Tantra?Hindu
Manthanabhairava Tantra1200Hindu
Yoginihridaya Tantra1200Hindu
Parasurama-kalpa Sutra1250Hindu
Kulacudamani Tantra1300Hindu
Kularnava Tantra1300Hindu
Rudrayamala Tantra1300Hindu
Bardo Thödol1350Buddhist, Dzogchen
Kali Tantra1350Hindu
Kamakhya Tantra1350Hindu
Kamaratna Tantra1350Hindu
Nyingtig Yabshi1350Buddhist, Dzogchen
Seven Treasures1350Buddhist, Dzogchen
Yogini Tantra1350Hindu
Padma Kathang Sheldrakma1375Buddhist, Dzogchen
Kaulavali Nirnaya Tantra1600Hindu
Mahanirvana Tantra1600Hindu
Yoni Tantra1650Hindu
Longchen Nyingtig1750Buddhist, Dzogchen
Rinchen Terzö Chenmo1850Buddhist, Dzogchen