Parasurama-kalpa Sutra

ca. 1250

A tantric work originating from within the Kula tradition. Not only is the text unique for being written in an aphoristic style, but is widely regarded as a systematic compendium of tantric philosophy and worship. It is dedicated to the goddess Tripurasundari, an aspect of Mahamaya.

The text regards the five makara as a must and describes, among other things, the sexual ritual known as dutiyaga. Interesting for the discussion of the veshya, and the phenomenon of ritual prostitution in general, is the following admonition contained in this text:

A woman who is indifferent should not be enticed by money and the like.
[Banerjee, S. C. A Brief History of Tantra Literature. Calcutta, 1988. p.282]

The scripture also contains a detailed description of madya, the wine (or other beverage) that is drunk during many Tantra rituals.