Nyingtig Yabshi, Dzogchen Nyingtig

Tib., snying thig ya bzhi

The Nyingtig Yabshi, one of the most famous collections of Dzogchen scriptures, is one of the major works compiled by Longchenpa; to which he also added invaluable commentary. Because it combines all Nyingtig traditions - oral and written ones as well as the two strands coming from Padmasambhava and Vimalamitra, its name means "Four Branches of the Heart Essence".

Since it is so essential a work for all students and practitioners of Dzogchen, it is sometimes simply called Dzogchen Nyingtig (rdzogs chen snying thig).

The work contains the following sections:

  1. Vima Nyingtig (bi ma snying thig)
  2. Lama Yangtig (bla ma yang thig) Longchenpa's clarification of the Vima Nyingtig
  3. Khandro Nyingtig (mkha' 'gro snying thig)
  4. Khandro Yangtig (mkha' 'gro yang thig) Longchenpa's clarification of the Khandro Nyingtig. This work includes the Narration of the Precious Revelation of the Terma Treasures (gter 'byung rin po che'i lo rgyus), a history of Padmasambhava's Dzogchen lineage - starting with the Samantabhadra, the Adibuddha.
  5. Zabmo Yangtig (zab mo yang thig); texts containing additional teachings by Longchenpa himself