Longchen Nyingtig

Tib., Klong-Chen sNying-Thig
Heart Essence of the Great Expanse

A (mind-class) terma revealed by Jigme Lingpa (18th cent.) based on the combined Nyingtig teachings of Longchenpa (14th cent.) as laid out his Nyingtig Yabshi.

gter shad The text is named after Longchenpa because it represents a direct mind - pure vision transmission by way of three separate visions received by Jigme and originating with the 14th century master.

An important part of this cycle of texts is known as "the Sky-faring Queen of Great Bliss" (Tib., mkha' 'gro bde chen rgyal mo). The complete Longchen Nyingtig is also known by short and long forms of Tibetan spelling: klong snying and klong chen snying gi thig le.

Separately, Jigme Lingpa also prepared a condensation of the preliminary practices contained in this text, called the Longchen Nyingtig Ngön-dro (Tib., Klong-chen sNying-Thig sngon-'gro), which is an important liturgical text that forms the basis for the introductory meditations of Dzogchen. These preliminary practices, entitled The Excellent Path of Omniscience (Tib., rnam-mykhyen-lam-bzang) are available in English as "The Dzogchen Innermost Essence Preliminary Practice".


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