Nigu Chosdrug

Tib., Ni-gu-chos-drug rgyas-pa-khrid-yig
Six Tantric Yogas of Sister Niguma

Niguma was initiated into the Naro Chosdrug by Naropa and she knew, practised and taught the Path of Relying upon the Body of Another Person with and to her students. Her teachings reached Tibet mainly through Khyungpo Naljor (11th cent.), who made them the base of his Shangpa school. Apart from the many teachings she imparted to him in his dreams (dream-yoga being one of Naropa's doctrines) she also taught him the traditions concerning the Vajrayogini and the techniques for controlling the mystic drops of genetic force [Mullin, p.98].

The term genetic force seems to be an attempt by Mullin to avoid the all too obvious sexual connotations of words like sexual fluids. He is similar cautios in the following text when, instead of male semen and female fluids, he wants us to believe that a 15th century Dalai Lama speaks of hormones in the following sentence: ... when the white bodhimind substance [male hormones] moves, it also causes the sun-like red bodhimind substance [i.e., female hormones] to follow ...

These explicit and extraordinary oral teachings became disseminated widely in Tibet and were written down by Gendun Gyatso, the second Dalai Lama (1475-1542); to be published in English for the first time in 1985.
According to this text, subtitled A Transmission of the Wisdom Dakini, sexual union is not only visualized but practised, and the yogi on the high levels of the completion-stage practices is led to great bliss. If both male and female adepts are properly trained and ripe for this path, the practice is said to induce the clear light of mind that arises with great strength [Mullin, p.123].

Similar to the Naro Chosdrug, the Nigu-Chosdrug teachings comprise the following stages:

  1. Mystic Heat Yoga
  2. Illusory Body Yoga
  3. Dream Yoga, That Dispells Mental Darkness
  4. Clear Light Yoga
  5. Yoga of Consciousness Transference
  6. Bardo Yoga


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