Mila Gnubum, Mila Khabum

11th, 12th century

The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa (Tib., Mila Gnubum) and the Biography of Milarepa (Tib., Mila Khabum) are prime examples of a specific type of sacred literature which originates with the eighty-four Mahasiddhas and similar figures important in the early development of Vajrayana.

The Mila Gnubum represents the complete poetic writings of the famous Tibetan yogi and philosopher Milarepa (c. 1039-1123); whereas the Mila Khabum was written down several decades after Milarepa's death by the so-called Mad Yogi from gTsan. The latter biography tells of Milarepa's adventures, hardships and joys during his personal "odyssee" toward enlightenment and affords us insight into the style of life, teaching and initiation during this formative centuries of Tibetan Buddhism.


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