Adyakali Svarupa Stotra

part of the Mahanirvana Tantra, ca. 1600, India

The following text, also known as The Hundred Names of Kali, is part of the Mahanirvana Tantra. It introduces the reader to numerous aspects and manifestations of Kali, one of the foremost goddesses venerated within many schools and sects of Indian religion.

The Sanskrit names are given in the exact succession as they appear in the text, and in which they are recited. Next to those, you're provided with a compilation from the three translations mentioned at the end of this page.

  1. Kalakarshini Conqueror and/or Destroyer of Time
  2. Karali Tremendously Terrific one
  3. Kalyani Bestower of Peace and Happiness
  4. Kalavati Possessor of all the (64) Arts
  5. Kamala Who enjoys and is herself enjoyed
  6. Kalidarpaghni Destructress of Pride
  7. Kapardisha-kripanvita Kind and Devoted to Him with the Matted Hair (Shiva)
  8. Kalika Devourer of him who Devours (Shiva), the goddess of the Kalika Purana
  9. Kalamata Mother and Destructress of Time
  10. Kalanala-samadyuti Brilliant as the Fires of the final Dissolution
  11. Kapardini Lover of Him with the Matted Hair (Shiva)
  12. Karalasya Thou of Formidable Countenance with Teeth like Fangs
  13. Karunamrita-sagara Ocean of the Nectar of Compassion
  14. Kripamayi Truly Merciful
  15. Kripadhara Vessel of Compassion
  16. Kripapara Whose Mercy is without Limit
  17. Kripagama Attainable Only by Her Compassion
  18. Krishanu Thou Art Fire
  19. Kapila Tawny-colored One
  20. Krishna Black of hue as is Krishna
  21. Krishnananda-vivardhini Who Increases Joy and Bliss of Krishna
  22. Kalaratri Night of Darkness
  23. Kamarupa Thou Who Art the Form of Desire
  24. Kamapasa-vimocini Liberator from the Bonds of Desire
  25. Kadambini Dark as a bank of rain-clouds
  26. Kaladhara Bearer of the Crescent Moon and all Female Energy
  27. Kalikalmasa-nasini Destructress of Evil
  28. Kumari-pujanaprita Pleased by the Worship of Virgin-Girls
  29. Kumari-pujakalaya Refuge of all Virgin-Worshippers
  30. Kumari-bhojanananda Pleased by the Feasts and Gifts to the Virgins
  31. Kumari-rupadharini Who is in the Form of a Virgin
  32. Kadamba-vanasamcara Wanderer in the Kadamba-Forest
  33. Kadamba-pushpasantosa Taking Delight in the Kadamba-Flowers
  34. Kadamba-vanavasini Who lives in the Kadamba-Forest
  35. Kadamba-pushpamalini Wearing a Garland of Kadamba-Flowers
  36. Kishori Thou Who Art Ever Youthful
  37. Kalakanthi With a soft and Deep-throated Voice
  38. Kalanada-ninadini Sweet as the Chakravaka-Bird
  39. Kadambari-panarata Who drinks the Kadamba-Flower Wine
  40. Kadambari-priya Excited and Pleased with the Kadamba-Wine
  41. Kapalapatra-nirata Drinking from a Skull-Cup
  42. Kamkalamalya-dharini Wearing a Garland of Bones
  43. Kamalasana-santushta Lover of the Lotus Flower
  44. Kamalasana-vasini Delighted to be Seated within the Lotus
  45. Kamalalaya-madhyastha Abiding in the Center of the Lotus
  46. Kamalamoda-modini Pleased and Intoxicated by the Scent of Lotus
  47. Kalahamsa-gati Moving and Swaying as a Swan
  48. Klaibyanasini Destroying all Fears
  49. Kamarupini Assuming any Form She Desires
  50. Kamarupa-kritavasa Who Lives in the place of Sexual Desire
  51. Kamapitha-vilasini Playing at the Kamakhya Pitha
  52. Kamaniya Beautiful One
  53. Kalpalata Creeper who Provides every Desire
  54. Kamaniya-vibhushana Beauty is Thy Ornament
  55. Kamaniya-gunaradhya Adorable Image of all Tenderness
  56. Komalamgi Delicate and Tender-Bodied
  57. Krishodari Slender of Waist
  58. Karanamrita-santosha Pleased with the Nectar of Purified Wine
  59. Karanananda-siddhida Giver of Success to those Who Enjoy that Wine
  60. Karanananda-japeshta Deity of those who Worship with Wine
  61. Karanarcana-harshita Glad to be Worshipped with Purified Wine
  62. Karanarnava-sammagma Immersed in an Ocean of Wine
  63. Karanavrata-palini Protecting those Who Perform Ritual with Wine
  64. Kasturi-saurabhamoda Gladdened by the Scent of Musk
  65. Kasturi-tilakojjvala Luminous One with a Mark of Musk on Her Forehead
  66. Kasturi-pujanarata Excited by Worship with Musk
  67. Kasturi-pujakapriya Loving those Who Worship Her with Musk
  68. Kasturi-dahajanani Mother of those who Burn Musk as Incense
  69. Kasturim-rigatoshini Who is fond of the Musk-Deer
  70. Kasturi-bhojanaprita Who is pleased to Eat Musk of the Musk-Deer
  71. Karpuramoda-modita Whom the Scent of Camphor Gladdens
  72. Karpura-malabharana Adorned with Garlands of Camphor
  73. Karpura-candanakshita Body Painted with Camphor and Sandal-Paste
  74. Karpura-karanahlada Pleased with Purified Wine flavored with Camphor
  75. Karpuramrita-payini Drinker of Nectar Flavored with Camphor
  76. Karpura-sagarasnata Bathing in the Ocean of Camphor
  77. Karpura-sagaralaya At Home in the Ocean of Camphor
  78. Kurchabija-japaprita Pleased by Worship with the mantra 'hum'
  79. Kurchajapa-parayayana Threatening and Conquering Demons with 'hum'
  80. Kulina Embodiment of the Kula teachings
  81. Kaulika-radhya Adored by Kula Tantrics
  82. Kaulika-priyakarini Benefactress of the Kula
  83. Kulacara Observant of the Kulacara
  84. Kantukini Joyous One
  85. Kulamarga-pradarshini Revealing the Kula-Path to Seekers
  86. Kasishvari Queen of the Sacred City (Benares, i.e. Varanasi)
  87. Kashtahartri Allayer of all Suffering
  88. Kasishvara-dayini Giver of Blessings to the Lord of Varanasi (Shiva)
  89. Kasishvara-kritamoda Giver of Pleasures to the Lord of Varanasi
  90. Kasishvara-manorama Beloved of Shiva Who Overwhelms His Mind
  91. Kalamanjira-carana Whose Toe-bells Sound Sweet Melodies
  92. Kvanatkanci-vibhusana Whose Girdle-bells Tinkle Ever so Sweet
  93. Kancanadri-kritagara Residing in the Golden Mountain (Meru)
  94. Kancanacala-kaumudi Shining Moon-Beam on the Mountain of Gold
  95. Kamabija-japananda Excited to Hear 'klim' (mantra of sexual union)
  96. Kamabija-svarupini Embodiment of the mantra 'klim'
  97. Kumatighni Destructress of all Evil Inclinations
  98. Kulinarti-nasini Destructress of the Kula's Afflictions
  99. Kulakamini Lady of the Kula
  100. Kalakantaka-ghatini Destructress of the Fear of Death


Those readers who'd like to read the original translations from which the above list was prepared, should turn to the following three publications.

The least of these is John Woodroffe's version in Hymns to the Goddess (1913), followed by his own revised translation (1927) in The Mahanirvana Tantra.

Although these editions have the benefit of including the 100 names in Sanskrit transcription, they cannot compare - in readability and honesty of the translation - with the hymn as published by Philip Rawson in The Art of Tantra (p.131).