Tib., zab lam: Profound Path
and/or thabs lam: Path of Skillful Means

Although the Tibetan terms zap lam and thabs lam are by no means synonyms of each other, we will see that the teachings and practices associated with both have a most essential point in common. Both refer to those techniques carefully guarded by most Tibetan teachers and authors; mainly because they use the individual's innate and natural energies we have come to call libido and/or desire and/or sexuality.

At the same time, the terms do have different meanings, and not all are simply meant to shroud the matters in secrecy. So in order to appreciate just how careful and attentive Tibetan literature should be read, we'll take a look here at several meanings attached to these terms:

The Profound Path (zab lam)
The Path of Skillful Means (thabs lam)