Typology of Men in Indian Tantra

and the Three Levels of Initiation

A male still possessed by his animal nature, (Skt., pashu) as opposed to those called vira and divya. The pashu is either uninitiated or is an initiate of the third and lowest degree.
Because of his psychologial make-up or lack of higher initiations, most scriptures do not allow a pashu to take part in those rituals that involve the drinking of wine and sexual union.

Sanskrit term indicating a man of the so-called hero (Skt., vira) type. This is an initiate of the second degree, with advanced mental and spiritual faculties, and constitutes a good male partner for most Tantric rituals.
In an attempt to give some legality to sexuality outside marriage, the Niruttara Tantra states that men of the vira and divya types become, in a ritual, the husband of all women.
One of the Tantras from Kashmir, the Rudrayamala, admonishes the vira to worship his wife, or any other woman who is burning with the fire of passion and gay with wine.
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Only Vira men may perform the Vira Chakra.

A Sanskrit term meaning supreme and heavenly. It indicates a Tantric initiate of the first and highest degree. The divya man is considered to be the best possible male partner for Tantric ritual. Only this type of man may perform the Divya Chakra.