Tashi Kyedren

Tib., bkra shis khyi 'dren: Auspicious Dog Keeper

Also known by her Sanskrit name Mangala, Tashi Kyedren (8th century) is one of the so-called five consorts.

Different from the four other consorts, whose origins are clearly stated as Zahor, Tibet, Nepal and India, Tashi Kyedren is simply said to be ‘of the Himalayas’.

By itself, this simply makes her seem to have been a nomad women. However, considering that the Tibetan khyi (dog, hound) is also found in terms such as stigma (khyi dam) and low caste (khyi zan), it is most likely that this student and consort of Padmasambhava was of low caste or even casteless (in terms of Indian society).

If this is so, we see a reflection here of many Indian Tantric groups and their teachings: namely to flaunt generally accepted social norms and to allow and invite members of the lower and lowest castes into the fold of Tantra.