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Inner Tantras, Higher Tantras

Tib., nang rgyud

Among the Nyingmapa, and in most Dzogchen texts, these three levels are known as mahayoga, anuyoga and atiyoga, whereas other schools call them "Father Tantras", "Mother Tantras" and "Non-Dual Tantras".

The texts of this level, including the Guhyasamaja-, Hevajra- and Chakrasamvara Tantra, mainly teach non-action and the identity - or fusion - of method and goal.

Outside the Nyingma school, these Inner Tantras are often named Anuttara Tantra (Tib., bla-med-rnal-'byor rgyud, Skt., anuttarayoga-tantra, "Unexcelled Yogatantra"), a collective classification of texts that were originally known as Mahayoga Tantras (level 7) and Yogini Tantras (levels 8 and 9).

  1. Maha Yoga Father Tantras; Mahayoga Tantras
  2. Anu Yoga Mother Tantras; Yogini Tantras
  3. Ati Yoga Non-Dual Tantras; Yogini Tantras