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also Taleju Bhavani

A goddess specific to Nepal, where Hinduism and Buddhism have mingled in a unique way. Like Guheshvari, she is something of a "hybrid" deity worshipped by believers of all these religious traditons.

Taleju, though herself seen as a "sexually mature Mothergoddess" [109 Devi, p. 24] is also the very deity who is thought to be embodied and manifested in the Nepalese Living Goddess, the virgin girl Kumari.

Taleju is the chief protective deity of Nepal and its royal family, and is sometimes equated with Durga; though the latter is much more fierce. It is thought that the king's power derives from her - and a king who fails to receive her blessing is most likely to lose his kingdom.

The goddess is also worshipped in the form of the Shri Yantra.