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Skt., sula
Tib., mDung

Variously translated as spear, lance, or pike, the term shula refers to an offensive weapon held, used or brandished by both Indian and Tibetan deities.
As most phallic shapes do, the shula carries associations of strength and valor.

magical spear of Indraamogha-shakti
iron-tipped spear of Shiva's manifestationsayashula
long, iron-tipped spear of Chamunda and otherspattisha
lance tipped with a broad, leaf-shaped bladeshakti
lance tipped with a blade, used by the Dharmapalashagtisha-gri
spear or lance used by the Dharmapala
spear with triangular flag and circular banner, showing one or more images of a human eye torn from its socket
spear with a circular banner, used by oracle priests
a short spear, used by protective deities

three-pronged speartrishula