Shakya Devi

Skt., sakyadevi
Tib., sha kya de wi

A daughter of the Nepalese king Punyedhara and his queen (8th century). When her mother died while giving birth to her, Shakya Devi was taken along with the corpse to the charnel ground and was abandoned there. She survived, however, by way of being nurtured by the monkeys who lived there.

Later, having met Padmasambhava and been accepted as one of his major companions, the so-called Five Consorts, she practiced with him in the Cave of Yanglesh (near Kathmandu, Nepal), where they showed how to achieve the third vidyadhara level: mahamudra. In this Nyingma-pa practice, the prectitioner's mind more or less merges with that of a deity.

Shakyadevi attained many accomplishments and, on dying, she also achieved the rainbow body.