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Noose, Snare

Skt., pasha
Tib., zhags pa

Variously translated as snare or noose, this attribute is depicted in various forms and made from a variety of materials. The common denominator is the fact that it is used as a throwing device in order to catch demons or other enemies of the religion. Although there are abstract representations of the pasha not showing this, both ends are usually weighted (as with the South-American weapon known as bola).

noose with half a vajra as weightsvajrapashardo-rje zhags-pa
magical noose in the form of a snakenagapashasbrul zhags
black noose in the form of a living snake nagapashadug-sbrul zhags-pa nag-po
noose made of jewelsratnapashanor-zhags
black noose, weights in the form of sun and moon
bdud-zhags nag-po
snare used by the demons known as bTsan
noose made from entrails
snare of the god Brahmabrahmapasha
Varuna's magical snare in the form of a snakevishvajit
noose made of teeth??