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Skt., manjusrimitra
Tib., 'Jam-dpal bshes-gnyen

A Buddhist scholar, and possibly a king of Singhala (now Sri Lanka), who is said to have been a student of Garab Dorje, and who was given the Nyingtig teachings both in personal contact and during visionary appearance after his teachers passing. Manjusrimitra classified the teachings he had received and, in turn, transmitted this Dzogchen material to Sri Singha.

The problem with this story is the fact that it covers a few centuries in time. If Manjushrimitra actually knew Garab Dorje, he must have lived in the 2nd or 1st century BCE; placing his disciple Sri Singha not much later. If, however, Sri Singha did have personal contact with Padmasambhava and Vimalamitra as is also reported; that was in the mid-8th century. So somewhere here there is a gap in our knowledge of the transmission; possibly between Garab Dorje and Manjushrimitra, perhaps between Manjushrimitra and Sri Singha, or most likely between Sri Singha and Padmasambhava.

Be that as it may, Manjushrimita is the author of "Gold Refined from Ore" (Tib., rDo la gser zhun), a title reminiscent of Indian alchemy but actually an early text dealing with Dzogchen, mainly by comparing it to other Indo-Tibetan schools. This work has been translated into English (by Norbu & Lipman) in 'Primordeal Experience'.