Yeshe Tsogyal

Tib., Ye-shes mTsho-rGyal: Ocean of Wisdom
Skt., Jnanasagara
757 - 817

Lady Tsogyal is the most important female initiate of Tibet, and she's also one of the five women who were both students and partners of Padmasambhava, the yogic hero who is credited with bringing Buddhist Tantra to Tibet.

Yeshe Tsogyal is especially known for her Secret Autobiography, and it is she as well who wrote an extensive biography of Guru Pema; known as Padma Kathang.

The two works provide us with much information on the crucial times when Vajrayana, the Tibetan/Tantric form of Buddhism, fought to establish itself among the shamanic religion and society of the Bön-po.

In 772, at the age of sixteen, Yeshe Tsogyal met Padmasambhava. She received her initiation through him in 773; starting her on a remarkable spiritual journey during which she became famous throughout Tibet and Nepal, gaining the powers and status of a dakini.

She is thought to have reincarnated since then as a number of important female adepts, including Machig Lapdron (1055-1145) and Yomo Memo (1248-1283). In turn, Yeshe Tsogyal herself is ragared as an incarnation of the fierce dakini Vajravarahi (Tib., Dorje Phagmo).