Women of the Himalayas

Not all female adepts, yoginis and dakinis concerned with the transmission of Vajrayana teachings were Tibetan by birth, nor is Tibetan Buddhism only practiced in Tibet - hence the title of this page.

Starting with the five major female partners of Padmasambhava - all of whom were from different regions - and thinking of women such as Niguma and Sukhasiddhi, it should be clear that among the VIPs of Tibetan Buddhism we find Bhutanese, Indian, Nepali, Mongolian and Uddiyana women - right along with those from Zhang Zhung and Tibet (although the regions they originally came from were not then known by these contemporary names).

Follow the names below for information on some of the women who greatly contributed to the Tibetan tradition.

A-yu Khadro, Dechen Chödrön, Drenchen Rema, Kalasiddhi, Khandro Tsering Chödrön, Kunga Bum, Machig Drupa Gyalmo, Machig Labdron, Machig Ongjo, Mandarava, Mangala, Mingyur Paldrön, Nangsa Obum, Niguma, Pema Tsal, Shakya Devi, Sukha Dharma, Sukhasiddhi, Tashi Kyedren, Yeshe Tsogyal, Yomo Memo.