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Skt., guhesvari; Lady of Mysteries

Temple of Guheshvari

A secret Tantric form of the goddess as sexual initiatrix; and sometimes the name is also used to indicate a woman of flesh and blood who gives sexual initiations.

Like Taleju, she is a Nepalese "hybrid" goddess worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists. Guheshvari is believed, in Nepal, to be the divine presence of the guhe (Nepalese for yoni) of the goddess Sati; giving her beautiful temple outside Kathmandu the status of a sacred pitha. Indian mythography, however, points to Assam and its Kamakhya Pitha as the place where the goddess’ yoni fell from the sky.

Only one kilometer away from Pashupatinath, Nepal’s most famous temple of Shiva, the temple of Guheshvari features an oval, golden platform shaped in the form of a yoni, with an "unfathomable opening" [Majupuria, 1982; p. 25] at its center that is always kept covered by a silver ceremonial water vessel.

Unfortunately, the temple is closed to Westerners and photography is even prohibited for Indian and Nepali worshippers; so all I was able to do was to photograph the temple entrance.