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Battle Club

Skt., gada (or parigha)
Tib., dbyug-to
Chin., ju-i

Many of the ritual weapons of the genus club or mace occurring in depictions of Indo-Tibetan deities are often simply named gada, a term that is rather ambivalent; i.e. not discriminating between the specific forms and shapes this weapon can take.

Within the Tibetan tradition, the club is most often depicted as a tantric symbol and attribute of the Dharmapala Mahakala, yet is also an implement carried by certain Dakinis ...

The following table shows the many Sanskrit and TIbetan names used to describe this weapon:

a mace, sometimes in the form of a bonegadahgan-di
a pestle used as offensive weaponmusalagtun
club tipped with a vajravajragadardo-rje'i dbyug-to
club in the form of a human corpse
khram-bam, zhing-dbyug
club surmounted with human skull
thod-skam-gyi dbyug-pa
magical mace of Vishnuadyavidya
magical club of Vishnu and/or Krishnakaumodaki
iron club, wielded when sitting on a war-elephanttomara