Dechen Chödrön, Sukha Dharma

Skt., sukhadharma: Bliss of Dharma
Tib., bde chen chos sgron: Lamp of Dharma Bliss

Dechen Chödrön was the secret consort (sangyum) of the terton Chögyur Lingpa (1829-1870), one of the three major figures in the Rimed movement.

Looking at her Tibetan and Indian names, we see that the Sanskrit Bliss of Dharma does not fully recapture the Tibetan one, which reads as Lamp of Dharma Bliss.

As in many similar cases, Chögyur Lingpa is now a well known and celebrated master, whereas his consort is far less famous. Considering what we know about the important role taken by the female/intimate partner during the discovery and decipherment of terma (treasure texts), this is not fair at all. All things considered, Dechen Chödrön should be credited with the discovery as much as Chögyur Lingpa (mchog 'gyur gling pa) usually is.