28 Fierce & Powerful Flesh-Eating Goddesses

Tib., dBang phyug-ma, dBang-phyug nyer-brgyad;
Wangchugma: Fierce and Powerful Yoginis
Tib., Sha-za mKha-'gro
Shashkhadroma: Flesh-Eating Dakinis

A group of twenty-eight goddesses known by two different names and classified equally as yoginis and as dakinis.

All appear nude, with a distinctive skin color and the head of an animal. They can further be identified by the symbolic weapon or tool each holds in her hands.

Often, say are said to belong to the retinue of the goddess Peldan Lhamo and appear on the 12th day of the bardo. At each of the four cardinal directions, a group of six deities appears, adding up to 24. Once in place, they are joined by the Four Vajra's, guardians deities of these four directions each of who bears the name Vajra, completing the ranks to 28 in number.