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As a principle, all texts and images in these pages are protected by national and international law as well as by plain respect regarding the creative works of artists, authors, photographers, designers ... you name it.

By far most of the material in these pages, be it text, photograph, drawing, design, HTML- and CSS code or navigation buttons, consists of work by Christina de Vries and/or Rufus C. Camphausen.

In all other cases, great care has been taken to give credit to all other holders of copyright, with the exception of a very few images the source of which is simply unknown to us - and in such cases we invite any viewer to provide us with such missing information.

In short, nothing from these pages should be used elsewhere without asking permission from either ourselves or the named copyright holders.

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We sometimes carry only one camera during travels, and you'll often find the copyright notice CCRCC in these pages. These are our combined initials and it means we're not sure which one of us has made that particular image - so we hold all rights as a team.