What Others Say/Write about Yoni Portraits

First of all, here the words written by one of Christina's models - and by two aficionados of her work:

Firstly, let me tell you how much I enjoy your yoni images. It's great work and you are to be commended not only for your artistic talents and vision, but also for what you are doing to further openness and exploration in women's sexuality.

After seeing your beautiful artwork I felt renewed - overjoyed that someone could love the Peerless Palace as much as I do. I feel that your art captures something essential about the beauty of the yoni that photographs never could. Thank you for sharing your unique vision.

Your art is so beautiful!! I enjoyed looking at your work so much. It is creative, artistic, sensual, inspiring, and empowering.

Print Publications

In the Netherlands, the Magazine Zij aan Zij - a publication for lesbian and bisexual women - has reviewed Christina's book in the March issue, and the May issue of the country's foremost feminist magazine (Opzij) will also review her book and compare it with (the very few) similar ones.


  1. A review of Yoni Portraits can be found among the trend reports on the website of LUCREZIA MAGAZINE (New Zealand)
  2. Another review has been posted on the art oriented (Dutch/English) site known as EroGraphic. Follow this link to see what they say and show.
  3. Tantra teacher Jennifer Lawless also recommends the book on her site Tantra: Gateway to Ecstasy. To read her short review, click here.
  4. DUTCH: A nice and positive review at the Pink Bullets website.

Now if you know and like Christina's book, please go to one or more of these sites and post a comment where possible. Everything helps to spread the word!