Payment by Bank Transfer

People with a bank account in the Netherlands transfer the chosen amount to
account number: 5397744 (ING Bank) or IBAN: NL72INGB0005397744
account holder: C DE VRIES

Also people with a bank account in other countries transfer the chosen amount to
account number with IBAN: NL72INGB0005397744 (ING Bank)
account holder: C DE VRIES
Countries outside Europe may have to add the following:
Please make sure you cover eventual cost for the bank transfer (outside Europe)

Considering that rates between Euro and other currencies vary weekly, sometimes daily, please consult a currency converter; for example this Euro Calculator. In any case, we do prefer payments in Euro - if possible.

Shipping and Shipping Address

Which ever of these methods you may choose, please do not forget to make sure we have your complete address. Please send it to us by e.mail with Name, Street, ZIP-code, City, Country - the works. The book will be shipped to that address within a week, well packaged.

About my Name(s)

To explain the difference between Christina de Vries and Christina Camphausen is easy. I was born Christina de Vries, changed my name to Christina Camphausen when I married, now I'm using my original name again.