The Siddha Quest for Immortality

ISBN 1.869928.43.1

Kamil V. Zvelebil

The Siddha Quest for Immortality

Sexual, Alchemical and Medical Secrets of the Tamil Siddhas

Mandrake of Oxford, 1996.
Paperback, 200 pages

Sexual and Other Secrets: The Dravidian Connection

As a world renowned expert on Dravidian/Tamil language and culture, Prof. Dr. Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil (1927), also holding a Ph.D. in both Sanskrit and philosophy, is suited as no other Western scholar to shed light on the culture and society of the Tamil Siddhas, whom he has called the "Poets of the Powers".

The teachings and practices of the Tamil Siddhas, not a homogenous school or movement, reflect and include Shaiva influences as well as those of Tantra - and they range from more or less puritan values to fully Tantric rituals making use of drugs, menstrual fluids, maithuna and cunnilingus.

Apart form describing such rituals openly and honestly, the book also focuses on the Siddha's famous and tested alchemical medicine that makes use of such varied ingredients as honey, milk, oil, cow dung and human urine.

Prof. Zvelebil has as such not only enriched our knowledge of Tamil culture and the unique system of Indian Alchemy and Medicine - generally aimed at longevity, but has shed new light on those secret practices of left-handed Tantra that so often are denied and usually decried by religious scholars in both East and West.

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