The Tantric Ritual of Japan

ISBN 81.85179.76.X

Richard Karl Payne

The Tantric Ritual of Japan

Feeding the Gods - The Shingon Fire Ritual

Aditya Prakashan, 1991.
Hardcover, 366 pages

Deep Roots That Still Blossom

Compared with the Vedas (written around 600 BCE) and the much more ancient tradition it represents (earlier than 1500 BCE), Japanese Shingon is a rather "recent" development; dating back to the 9th century only.

Within it, however, as initiate and priest Richard Karl Payne painstakingly explains, the major ritual still practiced (today) has been rigidly handed down from an ancient pre-Vedic past: namely Goma, the sacred fire ritual.

Even though both Vedic religion and society favor the male above the female, and although fire is generally thought of as masculine, the author makes clear that it is the Goddess (and her yoni) who are the central focus of these proceedings.

Interesting and fascinating reading; well researched and documented.

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