The Goddess Kali, by Sudha Mookerjee

ISBN 0.89281.212.5

Ajit Mookerjee


The Feminine Force

Destiny Books, 1988.
Paperback, 104 images (18 in color)

A Few Things About Kali

As all the books by Ajit Mookerjee, this one again is richly illustrated with paintings and statues; a unique collection that ranges from ancient Indian Mother Goddesses to mandalas to examples of modern, Neo-Tantric artwork (the above shown cover is by Sudha Mookerjee, the author's wife).

This book on the most popular of all Indian goddess will not really answer Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Kali, but it is a good beginning IF one also has read, or reads, a few other works that are able to fill in the gaps and/or to tell the whole story in those instances where this author did not want or dare to do so.

Two images from this book can be found in our Kali Collection.

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