Immortal Sisters

ISBN 1.5564.3222.4

Thomas Cleary:

Immortal Sisters

Secrets of Taoist Women

North Atlantic Books, 1996.

Women and Taoism (and Zen Exercises)

For those not yet acquainted, the author and editor of this small but important book is a rather famous and prolific translator; known and respected for the quality of his many works.

The publication of this title can only add to his merits, as he shows - more or less for the first time - that not only were there female Taoist teachers hitherto rarely heard of; but also specifically female teachings most often conveniently "forgotten" by (i.e. unknown to) most of contemporary (male) teachers and "masters" of both Taoism (and Zen).

The texts here translated deal especially with meditation and with human subtle physiology; and show how certain exercises are different for (or should be performed differently by) women and men. These female teachings even speak of "switching off" and/or "on" again one's menstrual flow - a freedom many a contemporary woman would like to have.

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