The Divine Library

ISBN 0.89281.351.2

Rufus C. Camphausen

The Divine Library

A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the Sacred Texts and Spiritual Literature of the World

Inner Traditions, 1992
Paperback, 200 p.

A valuable guide to a wealth of literature

Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a lover of great literature - or both - you will find Camphausen's Divine Library to be an essential guide. An amazingly concise and informative ‘mini-encyclopedia,’ the book contains chronologically-ordered entries on major works of sacred literature.

This is truly a multifaith and multicultural guide, spanning the globe and the millennia. The Qur'an, the Pop Wuj (or Popol Vuh) of the Quiche Mayas, the Kojiki of Japan, the New Testament, the Dhammapada, the Zohar--all these and more are in here. Camphausen also includes texts -such as the Iliad or the Kalevala of Finland - which, despite their theological and supernatural content, are not always recognized as sacred literature. He treats each text respectfully and accurately, and frequently provides useful bibliographic references.

The Dutch Translation

The book's many reproductions of sacred art make it a rich visual feast. Also noteworthy are the reproductions of pages from the actual works being described; Camphausen shows us the cuneiform of the Gilgamesh epic, the Egyptian hieroglyphics of the Pyramid Texts, and a wealth of other writing systems.

At just over 200 pages, this is far from a complete guide. Where, for example, is Mary Baker Eddy’s "Science and Health"? The Urantia Book? The Principia Discordia? I’m sure other readers could cite additional oversights; perhaps these could be corrected in a future edition.

Despite these oversights, The Divine Library is an outstanding reference work. It is a book that I turn to frequently, and I highly recommend it.

Review at Michael J. Mazza