Inga Muscio

ISBN 1.58005.015.8

Inga Muscio


A Declaration of Independence

Seal Press Feminist Publications, 1998.
Paperback, 256 pages

Conno, Cunni, Cunti, Cunt

A provocative analysis of women's relationships with their bodies (including sexuality, rape, and prostitution) that attempts to reclaim the word cunt as a positive force in the feminist movement to unite and empower women.

Whether or not the author succeeds, or if perhaps alkul (Tamil) and yoni (Sanskrit) are better suited to awaken the pussy power we all want to see emerge, can only be judged by future generations.

Meanwhile, let's not be all too discriminating. Let all who desire to do so partake of cunni and cunti as much as of yoni and alkul - the goddess allows and provides.

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