The Yoni

ISBN 0.89281.562.0

Rufus C. Camphausen

The Yoni

Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power

Inner Traditions, 1996.
Paperback, 134 pages - 97 images

Two Reviews
This is a beautifully designed and fact-filled look at female genitalia as objects of religious adoration in various cultures. It is illustrated with rare and wonderful images of scultpture, amulets, artwork, and natural curios. Highly recommended.
Review: Catherine Yronwode


You can read the book’s Introduction at the Yoniversity!

Out of Print German Translation

Lush flowers painted by Georgia O'Keeffe, the "Venus of Willendorf", and naturally occurring shapes from oysters to clefted fruit - all are divine embodiments of "the Goddess and her vulva", according to social anthropologist Rufus Camphausen.

Attractively presented with photos and reproductions, many in color, this sex-affirmative work covers a cross-cultural celebration of female genitals, from Tantrism to modern art.

Beginning with an overview of prehistoric goddess images (complete with timeline), it extends to include fascinating (and sometimes humorous) historical details. Word lovers, for example, should enjoy the classification schemes taken from Arabic and Asian erotic manuals (e.g., ka-tembo: the hairy fire yoni, ever sweet tasting and insatiable), not to mention the list of over 200 synonyms for vulva, complete with cultural source citations. This thoughtful work deserves attention.
Review: MSRRT Newsletter

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